Adios, Jeff Ooi. Let there be peace…



The two tweets above show just how insensitive and egotistical people can be.

The first tweet:
“Someone who made his career out of selling air jampi for any illness succumbed to his illness in a modern hospital in San Francisco.   #irony”

The first tweet made by sidek kamiso was just plain rude. For the record, we do understand that spiritual healing is a questionable practice – and it holds no ground. But was it really necessary to insult the poor man a day after his death? Really? It couldn’t wait?

I don’t know who you are, sidek kamiso, but, shame on you. Couldn’t you imagine what the family was going through?

How insensitive can you be?


The second tweet:
” Adios Harun Din. Let there be peace.”

The second tweet, or rather a re-tweet, made by Jeff Ooi (MP for Jelutong) is a classic example of a “Uh oh, I just made a mistake but I’m not gonna apologise for my mistake. Oh no, I’m not! I’m just gonna stick to my guns and wait until this issue dies down…” not-properly-thought-of statement made by a sleazy political figure, and in poor taste too.

Although Ooi insisted it was not meant to be an insult, fellow netizens found it to be appalling and insensitive. So much so, he decided to delete the entry… after it was highlighted in the news, of course.

To date, he still hasn’t apologised for the rude remark. Tells a lot about your character though.

Just say sorry, man. Your ego can’t possibly be that big?




One thought on “Adios, Jeff Ooi. Let there be peace…

  1. Yeah…what can we expect words coming from “a Malay” who who keeps dogs as his pet at home and look at how his wife dress up. So secular and not sure whether he is really a muslim or not.

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