MH370: The Tragic End

It has been concluded (via satellite tracking and “pinging”) that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has indeed crashed somewhere in the Southern Indian Ocean. Efforts are now focused in finding the wreckage and, most importantly, the flight’s data recorder to ascertain the cause of the crash which has claimed the lives of the 239 people on board.

Not much is known about the cause of the tragedy. Though, experts speculate that it could have been started by an electrical fire – forcing the pilots to switch off all non-vital electronics aboard. That would very much explain about the loss of communication.

The pilots would then try to ascend to a much higher altitude to minimize oxygen levels – in an effort to starve out the fire.

Military radar did capture an object similar to that of Flight MH370, flying at a height of about 45,000 feet (a few thousand feet above the Boeing’s maximum flight altitude) for more than 20 minutes. But, it is believed that due to the lack of oxygen, everyone was rendered unconscious (both pilots included) as the plane veered off course and flew on until it ran out of fuel and met its watery grave.

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